Who is Patrice Abrogoua?

Born in Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire.Travel around the world with His Parents since little.Patrice Abrogoua is an expert for color theory, branding, media design, and web design. With nearly a decade of experience, Patrice works directly with clients in executing designs and edits.His passion comes from his international background.

As a kid, he and his family moved to Washington DC area, where Patrice went to two different schools: from 9th to 10th grade Richard Montgomery H.S Rockville, MD where he played Football, Volleyball with honors, It also was substitute for a 12th grade french teacher view is french speaking skills.

Transfered to Seneca Valley H.S for his 11th to 12th grade where he played basketball, NAVY R.O.T.C with honors in high school.

After graduating from�Seneca Valley H.S. He choses to go to a community college over the Navy and moved on to play both basketball and football at the college level. His experience with competetive sports has been reflected in his work by knowing the importance of a team attitude. He�went on to play at the nearby College in Germantown Campus under both Coach Tom Sheahin and Marc Crutchfield (MCG). Also Attend Maryland University for summer academics transfer.

Unfortunately, his sports career had to end abruptly due to an injury during a Division 2 basketball tournament.

In 2001 He transferred �to Arizona State University located in Tempe Arizona where he decided to focus on his academics because of his injury in Maryland.� After moving to Tempe, AZ to pursue Graphic Design full time, he obtained his Associates of Arts in Visual Communication from Collins College.�While completing his higher education, he worked as an intern for local tabloid Magazines and Design Agencies as a graphic Designer and PR. He obtained his Associates Degree of Arts in Visual Communication from Collins College.

Patrice decided to transfer to the the Art Institute of Phoenix for his Bachelor

Then�he created Arizona Urban Arts and Tempe Art a Gogh GoGh with a group of Friends; the largest pro-artist social network in Tempe, Arizona. A gift to the community that really helps the artists on network and display their arts work. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Patrice Decided to settled in Portland, OR With his family of five and to raise his three kids. Portland was where he created patrice Abrogoua Graphic Design Inc. from home while working as freelancer for some Graphic Design firm in Downtown PDX.(Check the Gallery for freelance work)...

Patrice has experienced in both branded corporations and freelance, and can meet the needs of any clients. Patrice has been described by clients as a motivated, passionate, driven and social designer. He has extensive layout and design experience.

His enthusiasm for graphic design is at an all time high.He is genuinely excited to be educated in the graphic design spectrum, because it is a constantly changing market. He is starting to get the ability to perform in new projects and honing new skills on a day to day basis.

Patrice Abrogoua trained at a master level in the Adobe Suite. He had a bachelors degree and relevant experience in IT.


  • Production art
  • Photography
  • Illustrator
  • Social media start up
  • 3D design
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Dreamweaver
  • HTML Internet navigation
  • Hosting & Domain
  • Website Administrator
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Excellent customer service
  • Bilingual in French and English

Now he goes around the world to share and work his skills and knowledge in the Graphic Design Community. Patrice created today a new Graphic Design Firm in the West-Africa called Magestry Graphic Design located in Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire ( Ivory Coast). The main purpose of this creation was to help young designer and College to get a job as a graphic designer, PR, Marketing agent and creative designer while learning how to approach their clients with the best design layout.


Today Patrice Abrogoua works on Many groups and with global organizations.

Some of his honors are :

  • Awarded for Builting the Tillamook YMCA website in Oregon
  • Building The Arizona Urban Arts network

Global Achievements are :

  • Creating Magestry Graphic Design in Abidjan
  • Building the Online Marketing Promo for Melabr Collection
  • Building Yalerri website with Magestry Graphic Design
  • Creating jobs the youth of Ivory Coast with the creation of Magestry Graphic Design
  • working with ONUDI on helping designer creating an E-commerce in Abidjan
  • Creating IT team to cover all access to a secure server outside the West-African region

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