ABOUT Patrice Abrogoua

He was born in Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire. Travel around the world with His Parents since little. Patrice Abrogoua is an expert for color theory, branding, media design, and web design. With nearly a decade of experience, Patrice works directly with clients in executing designs and edits. His passion comes from his international background.

He moved in 2001 in Arizona State University located in Tempe Arizona where he decided to focus on his academics where he discovered his passion for Art. He obtained his Associates of Arts in Visual Communication from Collins College. While completing his higher education, he worked as an intern for local tabloid Magazines and Design Agencies as a graphic Designer and PR.

Patrice decided to transfer to the Art Institute of Phoenix for his Bachelor Then he created Arizona Urban Arts and Tempe Art a Gogh Gogh with a group of Friends; the largest artist social blog network and non- profit organization in Tempe, Arizona. A gift to the community that really helps the artists Find jobs, Chat with each other on the network and display their arts work. He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. Patrice Decided to settled in Portland, OR With to take care of his family of five and to raise his three kids. Portland was where he created patrice Abrogoua Graphic Design Inc. while working as Marketing Manager for Parkrose Auto Center and Cash 4 Cars Now in Portland, Oregon.

Today he is back in Arizona after few years traveling and working for corporate bilingual firm out of the US. He worked at Evening Entertainment Group in Scottsdale as Social media analyst, Seo coding admin, website administrator, Google analytics administrator and apps administrator for all the 15 venues. His creative art directory and illustrator skills also helped him improved his design and art skills.

He worked with corporate agencies and have experience as offline and online Advertisement and publication design for over eighteen years.

Patrice Abrogoua has an expertise in identity development, campaign design, and digital and interactive services. He has total, top-to-bottom competence covering everything from the overall brand concept and strategy down to the finest technical details of final product execution which help him created a new business to his layer AB Creative Consultant LLC (www.abcreativeconsultant.com) a firm created to give the best in Marketing and design concept.


Don Patco is a new artist name that he used as an artist, poet and writer. He use his talent as an artist and ASU alumni in Art and science to join the local artists legend who helped him create this non-profit group Arizonaurbanarts.com, which open the door of art events and networks to support those in need of help in Tempe Arizona.