Don Patco was born in Bouake, Cote D’ Ivoire from his Real name Patrice Michel Paul Abrogoua. It’s now resident of Arizona for over 20years today. He is the owner of Arizona Urban Arts. His love

Using his unique and non-traditional techniques involving acrylic paint and clay, He is able to create luscious paintings filled with bright and shade colors as well as sensuous textured.

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Digital Art

Adobe Illustrator

Painting and Drawing were always a hobby for him. But he was expecting to go to school learning about Business and Finance. He figured out it was graphic design and web design that we lead him to used the right color for his talent. His digital design was award 3 times on Behance for best design. Illustration was one of his first adobe classes in Collins College for his associated degree, which helped me create a lot of great design as a freelancer.

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